Saturday, July 12, 2008

lancaster boys in the civil war.

Jacob and Easton took a fun trip up to camp floyd to reinact the civil war. Jacob was fighting on the Confederate side and Easton on the Union's. They were all decked out in their blue and their gray. They learned alot about why our country is the way it is today.

something to laugh at

Sorry, looking through the pictures on my dad's phone and found this priceless work of art. Dylan is in the assistant teachers arms with his hood on. He went into the corner, put his hood on and wouldn't let anyone look or talk to him. typical Dylan.


While Mom and Dad were gone to Colorado, Easton decided he needed a haircut. Hmm.. 8 year old boy with sissors. Not a great combo.

Lloyd from dumb and dumber...hmmm... could be...

take me out to the ball game...

Allie's city leage softball team made it to state this season! They had a really good team this year. State was in Payson and there were so many girls there it was crazy. Won, lost, won, won, lost. That was their record, or whatever you call it. They took 5th overall so that was good.

Dad was the assistant coach on the second day of games. And what a great coach he was.

Allie took one for the team and was hit with a pitch in the back of the leg.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

boys will be boys...

This morning dad took jake and E along with uncle brad, grandpa, uncle ryan, and cousins, tyler and trev and went fishing down to schofield. Tyler caught the longest fish but, e caught the fattest.

Dylan was pretty angry that he didn't get to go but he just said, "fine, get me a strawberry milk and turn on my show." which is usually either whatever is on nick jr. or spongebob. His new thing is getting on the 4 year old now knows how to use technology better than some adults. what is this world coming to?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


when you have snow till may, the hotness of summer comes as a surprise. with baseball games, softball games, drill practices, lake powell vactions, and family partys, we are staying busy. in the evenings at least. with mom gone to work monday through wednesday, we get to chill with dad all morning. which consists of lounging around watching t.v., fighting, more t.v., listening to dad talk on the phone, more fighting, then frantic cleaning about a half hour before mom gets home so she can be happy. we try. :) and sorry about the blank pages. if only we had a camera to take pictures with i may be able to show some pictures. ha. wishful thinking.