Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yes yes as you all know I, Ashley, am now a high school graduate. It is still mind blowing to think that I am out of high school forever! It is even more mind blowing as I am going over to UVU to set up classes. Oh well. Life goes on. Which is a really scary thought.

It started out at 4 pm that thursday day. I was trying to find a ride over to UVU because my dad's car was in the shop and my mom just couldn't take me i guess. ha. so i called up my good friend taylor davis and we started to head over. right as we passed julie and will's house taylors mother, sylvia, yells, "WE FORGOT THE LEI" i really don't know how to spell that. how embarassing. but needless to say i had also forgot my "flower necklace" which my grandma strong so lovingly bought me, so we ran back home to get those. We, the seniors, were supposed to be there at 5, unfortunatly we got there at 5:30. Rushing into the school, we got settled into our places. mine was inbetween kroneburger and larsen. it was hilarious because we all looked like we were at hogwarts. us in our "robes" and as our teachers walked by they also looked as though they had escaped from hogwarts as well. the music started playing and we all walked in. the correct way. because the day before was graduation practice and my row, row 4, went through row 5's row. which made mrs. leek verrry unhappy. haha another funny story. at graduation practice we practiced where we would return to after we had recieved our deploma covers. so im just walking back to my place and some of the seats just flip up automatically and some stay down. well mine filpped up, right as i was sitting down. so i let out a little yelp and everyones eyes are on me as i am now grabing onto the kid's arm who sat in front of me trying not to fall completely on my butt. but, of course i fell. but anyways back to graduation, they told us that a picture would be taken of us so that when they said your name people would know who you were. this was the part i was most scared of. they said, "wait one onethousand, two onethousand, three onethousand, then walk." how was i supposed to know if the picture had been taken or if my eyes were closed or not? but it was all good. then we went and sat and watched our peers get there pictures taken and laughing at the funny ones and cheering for our friends. then when the time came to switch the tassels, us as students had a plan. the administration told us that if we threw our caps that we would be immideatly esquorted from the building. buuuuut, we had just graduated from springville high school and that ment we were no longer under their control so right as they told us to flip the tassels we all threw our caps into the air and let out screams. it really was so fun. and i am sorry of all the uncapitalized "i"'s in this paragraph. :]

julie has pictures from it. so julie i am asking if you will please post them or send them to me so that i may. :]]] thank ya thank ya.


Ashley, your graduated friend.