Monday, August 17, 2009

wow how time has flown..

I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone. Maybe it is because I haven't been counting down tthe days till school starts because school isn't really starting for me.. ha. But it is so crazy to think that I'm not going back to high school ever again. I think I am really going to miss it. But life must go on. I am really excited to be taking some institute classes this fall! I hope that it will help my knowledge of the gospel grow and also help me find people to date. How sad, but how true. Ali is going to be in the 9th grade. Which means next year she will be in high school. Which is crazy. She still hasn't decided whether she wants to go to MMHS or to SHS. But dad wants her to go to springvill on account that it is a 3 minutes from our house rather than 3 miles. But our parents are letting her choose. And she thinks she is leaning more toward springville which is nice. I would much rather be a devil than an eagle. But that's just me. :] Jake, E, and Dill are all going to be in the same school this year! Even though dylan is persistant that he is not going to kindergarten and that is final. But he can't say no to any Lightning McQueen toys. Which are heavily being used to bribe him. Mom is still working full time. She is now a part of the lactation program for IHC. Which has been a nice change for her. But all is well at our home. Except that we came home yesterday to an 80 degree fridgerator. Which didn't make my mother very happy.

Wishing you all the best,
Ashley Lancaster. Editor. :]

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